With Job Loss Protection your mortgage WILL be covered up to 6 months! Coverage is available up to $1,800 per month!

All qualified homeowners are protected if they lose employment. We provide financial assistance that allows homeowners to stay current with mortgage payments, minimizing stress during the job search process.

Within 30 to 45 days after full enrolment in our Job Loss Protection Program, a packet will arrive, explaining the program and how to file for assistance in the event of involuntary job loss.

Program Benefits
• Up to six months of mortage Payments
• Pays up to $1,800 per month (PITI)
• Easy Enrolment Process

Eligibility Requirements
• Employed full time (minimum of 30 hours per week)
• Vesting period is 90 days
• Can't be self-employed (greater than 10%), independent contractor, or active military
• Must enrol within 15 days of settlement
• Must be between the ages of 18 and 66

Program Overview
• The Job Loss Protection Program will provide up to six months of mortgage payments if the borrower (or co-borrower) becomes involuntarily unemployed.

• This Program provides up to 6 monthly mortgage payments made out to the lender, but sent directly to you for the first 24 months of the loan.

• Within 30-45 days after you move into your new home, the packet will arrive that explains the Job Loss Protection Program and how to secure financial assistance in the event of an involuntary job loss.